Most people now rely on their cell phones, iPads, and computers to speak with somebody, finish their homework, and much more. This is a proof that technology is now at its peak and has become more advanced and extensive.

With this, learning has been a demand. And many people fancy learning tech stuff and are inspired to study it very well.

One study which can help is the Computer Science program which extensively teaches every aspect, not only of computers but also technology itself. And many students plan to take this program because of this extensive learning. Although the program offers technological and advanced learning, admission tutors of the University will still ask you to write a personal statement for them to know you better.

write a personal statement

Is Writing a Computer Science Personal Statement Difficult?

This is the most common question of those students who are planning to enter the program.

But as what we always say, nothing is difficult if you know what you are going to write, what thoughts would you share, and how would you show the admission tutors that you can excel in Computer Science. Apparently, all GPAs, test scores, work experience, and the others are just a part of the assessment and no matter what values they may have, either high or low, if you can share your plans for the future after finishing the field can have a great impact on their assessments. So you will need to learn on how to write your computer science personal statement properly, what things to include, and what important information you must relay.

Do You Want to Have a Great Computer Science Personal Statement?

If not, then you better have good grades to cover the lack of creativity for your computer science personal statement.

But if you want to have a great personal statement when applying for computer science, you might as well impress them with information about yourself and include relevant experiences why you fancy entering computer science. The information you must relay can be a certain hobby which requires you to think critically or it could be an experience which led you to learn more things about the concept of computers and its relevant sciences. With this information, added with the natural voice in your writing, will result in a great personal statement.

Great Computer Science Personal Statement

How to Start a Computer Science Personal Statement?

Make your computer science personal statement as personal and as straightforward as possible. Most people make a mistake by starting off with their childhood experience. Most admission tutors will tend to get bored if you start off by telling them a story about how you got your first computer when you were six. You have to make sure to include your most recent engagement with the subject which justified your decision to take computer science seriously. Additionally, make sure it is something personal and tackle the subject immediately. Write naturally and talk about your understanding of the aims and approaches of the said program and how you relate to it.

Some notable examples you can refer to:

  •         When I was fifteen, my dad bought me a Rubik’s cube which I was able to solve under two minutes during my first ten tries. Logical problem solving has taken my interest big-time, that’s why I always excel with Mathematics, computing, and programming in general..
  •         My brother who passed away last year has been very good with Maths and I have fascinated on looking at the subject the same way he did.

How to End a Computer Science Personal Statement?

The powerful ending for your computer science personal statement can be the key for you to get accepted to the university. But the real question is, does everything included in your personal statement sum up to what you really want to prove them? If you are unsure about this, you can put this point on the last part of your personal statement. This should include your expectations on the university, what are your plans for the future once you finish the program, and how you can excel once accepted on the program.

Some examples you can refer to:

  •         With my overall skills added with thorough experience which can help me improve in this field, I am planning to pursue my career in Computer Science because I feel that with its many exciting opportunities, I can help build good future for anyone.
  •         I hope that this university will equip me with the best characters to get the game going. I am driven and strict when it comes to achieving a goal, and I do not think of it is a weakness. I would prefer calling it an edge towards the others and I know I will succeed in this program with flying colors.

How to End a Computer Science Personal Statement?

Why Do You Need a Great Computer Science Personal Statement?

Having a great computer science personal statement can do a lot of things for a student who is trying to apply for the program. One way is, it saves you from your average scores and GPA. By writing a great computer science statement, you can exempt yourself from the other applicants who has the same numbers are you have. Another thing is, it can show the admission tutors how you are doing as a person, inside and outside the academy walls. It also gives them a picture of what your strengths and weaknesses are, how can you cope with new information and improve yourself for the said program.

Tips on How to Write a Great Computer Science Personal Statement?

For you to be able to know how and what to write on your personal statement, you can follow these tips:

1) Take your time. You do not need to rush writing everything. Let your mood sink in and write what comes out naturally. Your personal statement will not be the best within just hours, even days. Most of the time, those students who got a superb personal statement took months to write. Make sure to rest for a while and come back to your work after a few hours and you will notice those mistakes you have done.

2) Show your strengths. You are trying to sell yourself to the university so you have to make sure you stand out from others by focusing on your strengths and highlighting your key experiences which mold you to become YOU.

3) Make it personal. Getting ideas from others is a great idea but sometimes, the idea is so great that it sticks to the mind. You are unique and make sure you put your own thoughts to what you are writing. Providing personal experiences will be a good way to make it your own so make sure you tell relevant ideas and stories on your personal statement.

4) Be honest. Normally, people will tend to give a small lie to express his/her thoughts and sometimes to pull himself up on anyone else. But this is not always the case. Always remember: YOU ARE WHAT YOU ARE. There is no need to pretend someone you are not. And the truth will always come out sooner or later.

 personal statement tips

5) Find perfect expressions or words to use. Make sure to use the proper words or expressions on any given thought. It is much better to use ‘presume’ rather than ‘think’ and ‘accomplish’ is preferable than ‘do’. These will help you sound professional and concise on your computer science personal statement. But do take care in getting a synonym of a word you want to replace since it may sound a bit fancy or may sound bad at all.

6) Say it out loud for a couple of times. With this, you can determine parts of your paragraphs that are vague or do not sound good together. Make sure to have someone check the paragraphs as well so you can be sure that even those around you are pleased with your work.

7) Once submitted, stop reading your personal statement. It is highly recommended to not read your personal statement once it is submitted since you may feel it is not as good as the time you passed. Although it is normal, hearing the verdict from the university is worse so no need to ponder on what is done and get a move one.

Why is a Personal Statement Important?

Silly. The most important aspect of having a personal statement is for you to showcase what you can do beyond what your grades show. They may see you as a timid student with an average score from the test but when you create a very concise personal statement for them, you may end up getting the offer from those people who has higher grades or even same grades as you. This is how you are being gauged as a student and as a person. It is better to let them know your experiences and characteristics why you fit the program and that should give an idea who you really are.