When a student steps from high school into college, it is like stepping into a whole new world. There are things which are expected from college students which are not expected from high school students. One of the things that a new college student will find that is different is that college tests will be made up of more essay questions than what they have been used to in high school.

New college students will also find that the essay question is not as simple as putting in a yes or no answer, but instead the answer must get more in depth. The new college student will also find himself held to a higher standard of writing skills than he was subjected to in high school. Penmanship, which is usually not stressed too frequently in high school, will now become an issue, along with the correct use of grammar and punctuation.

College Essay Tips for Students

One thing that you can do which will help tremendously is to study every day, and not just do pre-exam cram sessions late into the night. Cram sessions are just not as effective as steady study time.

When taking essay tests, be sure to read over the test to find the questions which you think are the hardest, and get them out of the way first. Usually the hardest questions will count more toward your grade, so doing well on them is definitely in your best interest. After you have taken care of the hard ones, spend the remainder of exam time answering the other questions. If you finish your test and still have time left over, you should read over what you have written and see if there are any questions where you might be able to beef up your answer.

Be certain that you read each essay question completely and that you understand what it is asking you. If you do not understand the question, you certainly cannot answer it correctly. If you read a question and aren’t sure, be certain to ask the instructor to clarify it for you.

Take your time when formulating your answers. Usually students are allowed extra paper with the test so they may use it to gather their thoughts for a response. If you take the time to do this then you will have a more meaningful answer. Don’t cram your answer with meaningless filler. This practice will ruin your grade.

Finally, be certain that you read your entire test before declaring yourself finished. You may find something that you missed while actually taking the test and this would be the perfect time to revise your answer.

The leap from high school to college is certainly a big one, but it shouldn’t be too intimidating. By learning how to tackle essay questions, you will have the confidence you need to make an excellent college student.