Prior to entering college, every High School student must take the College Placement Test. Many actually harbor erroneous beliefs about this exam, so that students who are not really doing well in their studies start searching for an excellent College Placement Test Study Guide which will help them to pass the test.

But what is the College Placement Test (CPT)?

The CPT is a mandatory exam that is given to students who wish to study in specific colleges and universities and technical schools in the United States. It tests the student’s proficiency in four specific areas, namely reading, writing, mathematics, and algebra. In some types of CPT, there is an additional section for College Level Math. Students whose first language is not English will be required to take an additional Levels Of English Proficiency tests (LOEP).

College Placement Test (CPT)

Simply put, the CPT will help you to determine if you have the necessary skills required to be able to succeed at the college course of your choice. There is no pass or fail in the CPT. Your scores will be evaluated if they are suitable for your select college course. If your current skills do not fall within the range required for the college course, you will be given the opportunity to take a retest or you will be advised to go into a course that is suited to your talents and abilities.

The CPT is being administered online throughout the year, although you may need to inquire with the testing center regarding schedules. You will not be under time pressure when you take the CPT (on average, it will only take 90 minutes to complete the entire test). You also have the option to complete the test on a number of days within a period of 2 weeks. There is absolutely no pressure on your part when you take the CPT.

However, if you are dead set on a certain college course, you will need to refresh your basic learning skills so that you will have a better score in the CPT. This is where College Placement Test Study Guides come in.

CPT Study Guides can be purchased in your local bookstore. They are also being offered by testing centers and some community colleges. You can also find these study guides online. The CPT study guides follow the exact same format as the exam itself. They are divided into tests for Reading Comprehension, Sentence Skills (Writing), and Mathematics (Arithmetic, Basic Algebra, and College Level Math). What makes these study guides very useful is that they not only show the right answers to the questions, they will also provide you with complete explanations to the questions where you got the answers wrong.

To get the most out of study guides, it is advisable to purchase not just one but at the most three such guides. You will have a better chance of doing well at the CPT if you practice answering a variety of questions from these study guides.

Learn more about the College Placement Test Study Guide today!

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