Every compelling candidate for the most prestigious and competitive academic universities have a high GPA and extensive recommendations. But for the selection panel, the top candidates are being distinguished from the others through the quality of the personal statement they can come up with. These personal statements should highlight your top qualities and how you envision your future. You also need to showcase your various achievements and how you have battled through to get these accomplishments.

In this article, we are going to guide you on how to create a personal statement for scholarship and how to make it powerful and efficient.

Looking for Scholarships and What Qualities You Need to Apply

Scholarships nowadays all rely on how the student performs. So by applying for a scholarship, you have to make sure that you are determined to finish what program you want to enter and your personal statement should demonstrate the willingness and the aggressiveness to get to the University. It is very fulfilling once you get accepted since it is one less worry from the other things that may distract you during your academic years. But you must also portray determination but also perseverance to finish the program you have chosen.

Personal Statement for Scholarship

There are a lot of scholarships available for any students who wants to apply. There are many types as well but the most common are the institutionalized and the other is the private scholarship. Although both are the same in terms of how can they help an aspiring applicant, they differ from where they came from and what are the benefits they offer. Institutionalized scholarships normally come from the University itself while private scholarships are from different non-profit organizations which are created for the sake of change. The benefits may be the same but there are some additional perks if you are either a part of an institutionalized scholarship or a private one.

Ways on How to Write a Powerful Personal Statement for Scholarship

If you have been eyeing a specific scholarship from a university or an organization, you may need to study the key values these people need to keep a compelling applicant under their wing. You need to be honest and concise in relaying the message you want to give the admission committee. And this values should show not only on the start of your personal scholarship but also at the end. Make the overall appearance of your personal statement worthy to the committee’s decision.

Starting Your Personal Statement for Scholarship

When you start writing your personal statement for scholarship, you need to show the quality of the introduction by making it as fruitful and as straightforward as possible. Do not write dull lines and make sure to avoid starting the personal statement using a cliché line such as “When I was a kid...” Since these cliché lines blur out the sincerity to get a scholarship from these prestigious universities and organizations. You have to catch not only their sympathy but also enthusiasm on your personal statement.

Two notable examples you can refer to:

  •         “The recent topic about how technology helps us in many ways got me thinking of getting a career in a technology-based program. And since then, I have been working hard to achieve this goal of learning the certain ticks of this nature. The Signus Cyber scholarship will help me go through things until I achieve my goal and I hope that one day, I can make a change.”
  •         “Tough roads lead to good things. And when I knew that your good office have an offer for a scholarship with this program I am eyeing for, I know the challenges will be limitless but I took my chances since I badly want to succeed in this field.”

Starting Your Personal Statement for Scholarship

Conclusion for Personal Statement for Scholarship

Your conclusion for your personal statement should always end with your goals in the future and how would you like to contribute to the program once you finished it. Remember, the main reason for your personal statement is to show them how aggressive you want to achieve the goal you are looking up to. With this, the admission committee will share their thoughts on what you desire the most and will engage themselves by being in the same shoes are you are. The desire may comes as well so keep on writing with your thoughts fixed on your goal not only in the present but also in the future.

Some examples you may refer to:

  •         “I would love to work my way out of this with the help of your good organization. I believe that sharing my thoughts with you will help me give you the idea how much I would love to excel in this program.”
  •         “With the current changes happening, I would like to indulge myself in learning new things that will help build a better world for everybody. And your university’s offer for a scholarship will help me achieve this dream and make it come true.”

Why Write a Powerful Personal Statement for Scholarship?

Having an extensive and powerful personal statement for scholarship allows the committee to know how you really want to be on the said program and if the help they are going to provide you will be worth it. Better make sure to be in the same shoes as them since they really want to help those people who are deserving and will excel in their chosen career. So, by creating a powerful personal statement will allow yourself to get more offers and opportunities to help you get into the program you want.

Tips on How to Write a Great Nursing Personal Statement?

To write a powerful and winning personal statement for scholarship, you can follow these tips:

1) Take your time in writing your personal statement. This will help you gather more thoughts that you can use to have a more personal touch on your personal statement. Also, you can think of recent experiences which helped you decide on your chosen field and how it strengthen your resolve to be successful in that field.

2) Avoid irrelevant information. Make sure you are providing relevant information since it demonstrates professionalism and also shows the sincerity of opening yourself up to let them know the experiences which led you to be firm in choosing the field you chose.

Avoid irrelevant information

3) Proofread your work. Make sure there are no mistakes on your personal statement because they may think that you are not serious about your application. By proofreading your work, your work will sound even better.

4) Communicate naturally. This means that you need to write your personal statement like you are just speaking with a friend. Make sure that your personal statement is creating a friendly vibe so that it will appear engaging and will sound lively.

5) Relax. Write in a place which will give you a peaceful and calm environment. It helps to give you more ideas and experiences to include in your personal statement.

6) Show consistency. Being consistent with your tone and thoughts will allow the admission committee to see you as a person with a firm mind. Write consistently and make sure that the voice of your personal statement is active as well as friendly.

7) No need to lie. Lying will not get you anywhere so make sure to write what comes out from your mind and heart. Make it as personal as possible so writing your personal statement will be much easier.

Why is a Personal Statement Important?  

For getting a sponsor for your education, a scholarship is a great way to get away with some things and will help you focus on your program. Your personal statement will allow you to get the offer you need so you better write it with your heart full of inspiration and a relaxed mind. By making your personal statement as personal and as fruitful as possible, the possibility of achieving the scholarship is something you can already foresee.


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