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How to Semester Grade Calculator 

and get 4.0 GPA ?

Why you need Semester Grade Calculator?

There should be no mystery in your course grade, especially when so many things can rely upon how well you do in one class. There is no need to guess, and you can calculate your semester grade for a course on your own.

Professors should thoroughly disclose how they would determine your final semester grade for a course either in orientation or in a course syllabus. You can use the percentage values that the professor has assigned to each area (example… tests, quizzes, class participation) to plug into an easy formula to help you keep track of how well you are doing.

Review your syllabus.

Find the section of your syllabus where your professor or teacher has disclosed the percentage breakdowns of how your final grade will be determined. Make note of how areas like tests, homework, quizzes, attendance and class participation will factor into your final grade, percentage wise.

Review your syllabus

Calculating Your Grade Point Average

Determine your average in each of the areas your professor has designated as a part of your final semester grade. Test grades, quiz grades, homework assignments, a midterm, a final exam and class participation may all be factored into your final grade. Average your test grades, for example, by adding up all of your grades and then dividing by the number of tests you added – this would not be necessary for areas where there is only one grade, like your midterm or your final exam grade. Also, your class participation grade may be at the discretion of the professor at semester’s end, and therefore not quantifiable.

Calculating Weight Grade Point Average

Multiply each average or grade by its percentage value, according to how your professor has determined it would be weighted. For example, if the final exam is worth 50% of your semester grade, and you received a score of 100% on the final exam, then multiply your grade of 100% by .50 to get 50%, the full value of its weight.

Continue this for each of the averages you calculated from the above mentioned steps. Add each of the final percentages to arrive at a reliable estimation of what your final semester grade will be.

How to calculate SEMESTER GRADE?

  1. From “Grade Calculator” category click on “Semester Grade Calculator”

Click Semester Grade Calculator - semester exam grade calculator

     2. Enter your Percentage of Grade and Percentage of Semester Grade Calculator to all Quater of Semester and Final your Exam

Percentage of Semester Grade - grade estimator

After that, click on “Calculate My Semester Grade” category and your semester grade will be calculated automatically that same to guide picture below:

Your semester grade - semester exam grade calculator

       3. “Start Over” Button can help you clear all data that have already calculated, and then you can start your new Semester Grade Calculator.

start your new semester calculator - semester final grade calculator

  1. Save your Semester Grade results to your Gradebook is so easy. Just click on LOGIN FOR SAVE TO GRADEBOOKand follow the guide below.

How to save your data to gradebook ?

If you want to save your Semester Grade data, only one thing you need to do is sign up or sign in the website (  Once you do, you will have the option to save your Semester Grade information and then you will get the chance to easily manage your Semester Grade records.

  • Login:  Fill out the ‘Account Information’ include email and password accurately, and then click ‘LONGIN’ . Moreover, you can LOGIN with G+, Facebook or Twitter.

Choosing your option login with final semester grade calculator

If you LOGIN successfully, you will see the box liked the photo that bellow. Unless you click “Forgot your password” and reset your new password.

gpa login success with grade average calculator

  • Register: Fill out the ‘Account Information’ include your name, email , password and repeat password accurately, and then click ‘CREAT ACCOUNT’ . Moreover, you can Register with G+, Facebook or Twitter.

register account with average grade calculator

Once you have your account, you will see the crossword “SAVE TO MY GRADE BOOK“. Click on here and enter semester grade name which you want to put on.

semester grade name - assignment grade calculator

Choosing OK button to end this step. If you save successfully, you will see the box below

Finnally, you can find your semester grade at “My gradebook” in “My account” category

find your semester grade at “My gradebook”


Getting 4.0 GPA is not difficult – Are you believe ? You can do everything that you can not think you can do. Here are a few methods and study tips that can help you achieve high grade in your semester.

Getting 4.0 GPA - semester grade calculator

  • Continuously make a timetable for your review: My mom had instructed this to me amid my school days, and I keep on following it on account of its unlimited advantages. Time administration is a generally talked about subject, and there is nothing superior to anything a fastidiously arranged timetable to help you oversee time. Arrange the calendar in view of your week by week class timings – allocate time for amendment of the points instructed in class, for week by week assignments, and for unwinding. Ensure that the timetable does not worry you. I used to alter my calendar after at regular intervals, and amid exams.
  • Go to classes and take itemized notes: There is a reason that your educators instruct an arrangement of themes in class in detail. This is on the grounds that they are imperative. Our Professors used to share a few small points of interest that you won’t discover in the book, or take care of issues that are sufficiently precarious to show up in the exams somehow or the other. In this way, I used to go to all classes and note down everything instructed in the class, and it helped me a great deal.

 take itemized notes

  • Try not to skip themes before exams: It is a typical practice in schools to skip couple of points before exams. Kindly don’t do this. At any rate peruse through them once before the exam. What’s more, regardless of the possibility that no question is asked on the test from these themes, you can feel fulfilled that you have gained some new useful knowledge.
  • Make a review gathering: Make a gathering with your companions to examine distinctive subjects and tackle issues. A large portion of your questions will be fathomed through such talks. In the event that you can’t comprehend something even after this, then you can ask your Professor or T.A.
  • Try not to falter to make inquiries: Ask inquiries to your companions, Professors or T.A.s about any uncertainty you may have. No question is a terrible question.
  • Concentrate the course readings completely: Please concentrate the course books altogether and take care of every one of their issues. At that point you can proceed onward to different books for reference and further understanding.
  • Try not to disregard rest and unwinding: I have never been an enthusiast of dusk ’til dawn affairs. I generally favored awakening early and contemplating in the morning. Likewise, I found time to watch anime or TV arrangement, play diversions and read story books. It is essential to give your mind some rest on the off chance that you need it to hold data and break down complex issues.

 read story books

  • Pick your elective subjects astutely: If you have a decision in regards to the choice of subjects, pick them in light of the Professor’s notoriety, earlier years’ evaluations and expected work-stack. There is no utilization taking an extremely troublesome course and not having the capacity to adapt to the weight.
  • Keep the day preceding exams just for update: The day preceding exams ought to be for correction as it were. Ensure you are not concentrate a part interestingly on the day preceding your exam. This fair emphasizes the way that you should invest energy amid your semester to concentrate the points instructed in class.

These are recently my own perspectives. In any case, there are 2 things that are all around acknowledged as impetuses for achievement – HARD WORK and FOCUS. There is additionally a component of fortunes included. In any case, in the event that you work tenaciously, you will accomplish your objectives. May not be a flawless 4, but rather a 3.9 perhaps!