Technicality and skills are something you need to showcase when writing an engineering personal statement. Your personal statement is one of the included department-specifics in which you need to respond. There could be some topics you need to discuss so you have to make sure to answer them promptly.

If you do not know what to write on your engineering personal statement, then you do not have to worry because most applicants are clueless on what to put into their personal statements and eventually messes up. But the information below can save you some trouble on writing your personal statement.

Is Writing an Engineering Personal Statement Difficult?

Writing your engineering personal statement will only be difficult if you do not know what to input and what are those relevant experiences you can share with the admission tutors which can let them measure your technicality as well as your interest in the program. But do not worry, even the best engineering personal statements were not finished by overnight. Those people completed their personal statements after a few days, some even months.

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For you to not feel the pressure, make sure to relax your mind and think of those things you want to include on your personal statement which shows your technical side, may it be a life-changing incident or any related experience which exposes your skills.

Wanna Have a Great Engineering Personal Statement?

If yes, start off by answering the question “How can I show the admission tutors that I am a compelling engineering student in the University?” It also leads to the question “What do the admission committee believe are the qualities or characteristics of a successful engineering student?” There could be a quite a list of attributes you may end up to but make sure to highlight the qualities which you think may identify you on your personal statement.

How to Start an Engineering Personal Statement?

Many admission tutors for the engineering department always reads personal statements which include ‘having a Lego set to play with has sparked their interest in building and construction’. It has been a cliché for years now and these admission tutors do not get the point of telling the Lego story if most of the time, it does not show the correlation of playing plastic blocks with the potential success of an individual.

Personal statements are a way of showing interest towards the program so you have to tell the admission tutors the very first time you thought of taking engineering and what incident or experience led you to it. Find your own words and make sure it is relevant to the said course.

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Some notable examples you can refer to:

  •         My grandfather was a clockmaker and every time a customer comes into his shop to have a wristwatch checked up, I always make sure that I am beside him. I was always fascinated how every machinery work and its process. He taught me to fix wristwatches and I became very good at it. Then my grandfather died and during his hardest hours, he told me to learn how things work since I am very good at it. I think this is where I excel at most.
  •         “I used to visit my Uncle Leon, a curator, at the museum every day. Not because I wanted to see the paintings, but to see the beauty of the arches which shield those work of art. I always thought of designing my own museum someday so every time I am free, I will go to our public library to look at books which can give me an idea for my very own museum.”

How to End a Computer Science Personal Statement?

The best way to conclude your engineering personal statement is to give your main objective why you are applying for the course. Wrap up your statement with your plans in the future and/or give them the reason why you are fit as a compelling applicant for engineering.

Some examples you can refer to:

  •         I am seeing myself successful in this field a couple of years from now. I am looking forward to being a part of this program and will do everything I can to excel in it.
  •         “I am hoping to meet everyone expectations in this field and I would love to share the knowledge in the future, more than ever.”

Why Do You Need a Great Computer Science Personal Statement?

It can be quite stressful when you start working on your engineering personal statement, as so many rides on while you are pondering on what to write on that A4. But since we are writing to sell yourself to the admission tutors, you have to make sure to have a powerful personal statement since it gives you a chance to stand-out from other compelling candidates. This also allows the admission committee to know who you are as a person from inside and outside the academic walls.

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Tips on How to Write a Great Computer Science Personal Statement?

For you to be able to know how and what to write a Great Computer Science Personal Statement, you can follow these tips:

1) Watch your tone. You need to make sure to engage the admission tutors with a polite, positive, and professional tone.

2) Spend enough time preparing. Make sure to start early to finish it fast and revise it thoroughly. It is also advised to create a draft every now and then and update your personal statement to make it sound as professional as what they want to hear.

3) Be concise. No need to include irrelevant information on your personal statement. Keep it simple and concise and filled with vital information and reasoning behind your fascination with the program.

4) Do not talk about your flaws. Remember, you are selling yourself to the admission tutors so you have to avoid mentioning anything negative because it may become a big factor in their judgment.

5) Highlight major skills. Since you are an engineering applicant, make sure that the outline of your personal statement is well-drafted, mention skills which can be your edge from the other applicants, and

6) Avoid the lies. Nothing hurts in telling the truth. If you plan on lying in your personal statement, there is a tendency it will be found out. Just tell the truth and write what comes out naturally.

7) Do not include unnecessary information. No need to include your marriage status, how many kids you have, or if you were divorced recently since it will have no bearing whatsoever on your potential employer’s decision for your application.

Why is a Personal Statement Important?

Your engineering personal statement is your gateway towards offers and having it constructed concisely will let you have a high chance of being accepted in the University. Make sure to plan early on what you want to write in your personal statement and construct it with a proper outline, tackling your understanding about the program and you will like success in your venture.