Being a nurse opens wide career paths and numerous opportunities but taking the program itself is quite rigorous because you need to make sure that you have what it takes to be one of the best. Nurses are described to be precise, vigorous, alert, and patient (no pun intended). With this information in mind, writing your nursing personal statement should demonstrate some of these qualities which you think runs in you.

In this article, we are going to tackle the difficulties of writing a nursing personal statement and what are the things you can bear in mind to write an efficient personal statement for the University.

how to write a nursing personal statement

Writing a Nursing Personal Statement: Is it Difficult?

There could be some difficulties in writing a nursing personal statement but the most important thing to make writing much easier is to be as accurate as possible with your personal statement. Because for any nurse, accuracy is vital. By making sure that your personal statement will only contain relevant experiences as well as truthful ideas regarding your experience with nursing and what are your thoughts on the subject. If you have researched very well, you will also be able to provide accurate information on what a nurse does and provide your unique insights.

Do You Want to Have an Awesome Nursing Personal Statement?

If you want to have an awesome nursing personal statement (not just awesome, but efficient and powerful as well), we need to know how a personal statement starts and ends properly. Also, you need to learn what the core NHS (National Health Service) values are and how to use to these values on your personal statement. If you let your nursing personal statement dwell in these core values, the admission tutors will surely have you listed as one of the most promising applicants for the program.

But with the current status of personal statements received by admission tutors, they have noticed that most of the applicants use cliches which do not add efficiency and power on the personal statement but only makes it worse. So let us know how to start and end your personal statement.

 how to start and end your personal statement

How to Start Your Nursing Personal Statement?

Writing your nursing personal statement is no ordinary job so you have to make sure you are writing from your heart and do try to be as personal as you can be for them to know you are sincere in choosing the program. Let them know what you feel and introduce yourself to them in a profound manner. You can also use personal experiences to start your statement to achieve the engagement you need for your personal statement.

Some notable examples you can refer to:

  •         “Nursing is a profession I have always respected. It is not very easy to have that interpersonal skill, or the empathy, or even the listening skill to be able to keep up with the role. I have always fascinated to be one someday. And the time came when I was given the chance to be one so I would like to share a personal story.”
  •         “Being a worthwhile and satisfying career, nursing is something I have always wanted to set my career path to. The fulfillment of helping others as well as overcoming my fears just to be able to help is something I have been looking forward into.”

How to End Your Nursing Personal Statement?

Your personal statement should always have a powerful ending and needs to include a message of what your plans are once you are accepted to the University, what they can expect from you during your course study, and what are your goals once you have finished the program. Never end your nursing personal statement lousy, as you need to be embossed on the minds of the admission tutor. If you start strong, you must end strong in your personal statement to achieve consistency.

Some examples you can refer to:

  •         With the continuous changes in our minds and bodies, I am willing to further study this changes and help out other people. And once equipped with the necessary tools, I am planning to take it to the next level by either studying medicine or biology.
  •         “Nursing program needs to be taken seriously. I am planning to either share my knowledge by being a professor of the said program or take into practice, whatever life leads me to. I hope to make a change in the world and to everyone who lives in it.”


Why Do You Need a Compelling Nursing Personal Statement?

Having a great and extensive nursing personal statement demonstrates your eagerness to join the program and study it whole-heartedly. With the common challenges of writing a personal statement and added with the fact that it is for nursing, having a compelling statement can be quite tough for nursing applicants. But if you take your time to gather your thoughts and to have a relaxed mind, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of being in the program. But make sure to take the writing seriously since it will show them how bad you want to be in the program.

Tips on How to Write a Great Nursing Personal Statement?

To write an awesome nursing personal statement, you can follow these tips:

1) Avoid having an ordinary personal statement. Be as unique as you can be. Write from the heart. Many applicants use the opening “Ever since I was a kid, I have always wanted to a hospital nurse.” This approach is not going to make your personal statement unique. Make sure to write it personally and write what comes out naturally.

2) Plan your story. Very few people can write a good personal statement in just one sitting. If you are not sure about what you need to write, make sure to plan ahead. Capture every information which comes to mind and always have an eye on details which will be relevant to your personal statement. Almost all of the most successful personal statements took weeks, even months, just to get finished. Plan your story and do a research.

3) Converse in a professional but friendly manner. Avoid using indirect and bombastic language. Speak like you are conversing with a companion or a relative. You do not have to compose with apprehension. Just write what your mind speaks and alter the work afterward.

4) Proofread. This is something you need to do after creating a draft of your nursing personal statement. This demonstrates professionalism and many admission tutors would like to have a perfect nursing personal statement. Check your grammar, spelling, and other specific cases to avoid minor mistakes. You can also have a relative or a friend to check your work after you did a proofread for you to be sure of the work before passing it.


5) Do not lie. It will hurt really bad if you lie on your personal statement then you will be found out. They may take as unprofessional and this will affect your application process. No need to tell tales. Just make sure you speak the truth to have peace of mind.

6) Consistency is the key. The best thing about consistency is, it reflects the quality of the work. Make sure your flow is constant and your stories reflect what you want to achieve in the course. Being consistent in your personal statement can be a key to a good score.

7) Relax. Do not get pressured in writing your nursing personal statement because it will reflect on the statement itself. Ease your mind and just write out your thoughts. Just make sure that the things you are writing are relevant to what you want to prove: YOU ARE WHAT THEY NEED IN THE UNIVERSITY. Think positive and make sure to expect better things.

Why is a Personal Statement Important?

Nursing is one of those programs which needs to have qualified and dedicated applicants to continue this challenging and worthwhile venture. And with that being said, the personal statement allows the admission tutors to check your personality from inside and out. They need to filter out applicants from the people who wants to be in the program to the ones who needs to be in the program. There will be differences among applicants so make sure your nursing personal statement will stand out among the rest.